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Augmented Reality for BART Users in San Francisco

by Susan Pomeroy

Augmented reality finds a BART station

Recently I wrote about augmented reality and its business-changing potential (“Augmented Reality is Coming, and It Will Change Your Business” and “Postscript: Augmented Reality Now, on Your I-Phone).

Last week, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and Junaio rolled out a free i-phone app that lets users find stations, check train schedules in real time, and even leave “digital breadcrumbs” for friends and family… your own augmented reality annotations about nearby places that you, the user, find interesting¬† or useful.

Check it out:

There’s a school of thought that holds that everything we know as “reality” is a form of consensus: that we’ve all “agreed” to see and understand the world in a certain way. And guess what, folks! Consensus reality just got stronger.

When we’re all wandering around immersed in the equivalent of multimedia docent tours of the world that surrounds us, when we’re all busy following and adding to the global stock of digital breadcrumbs… what happens to all the stuff that doesn’t make it into the corporate or collective consciousness because it’s too… odd, different, scary, troubling, ugly or boring? You know, all that implacable stuff we’re alluding to when we use the term “reality”!

Will we be living in a Facebook world?

Opinions welcome.

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