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WordPress Theme Frameworks: the Benefits of Genesis

by Susan Pomeroy

Genesis Framework for WordPress

WordPress premium theme frameworks are a handy way to ensure that you’re working with a WordPress installation that is solid, versatile, and will continue to be reliable as the WordPress core and its associated ecosystem evolve. The best premium frameworks also offer support, thorough documentation, and generous user communities. There’s a certain user-friendliness built-in: while it always helps to know some CSS and PHP, you don’t need to be a geek to create a great-looking site that will take you and your business well into the future.

Genesis by StudioPress (full disclosure: affiliate link) is one of the more popular theme frameworks for developers creating custom sites. It’s solidly coded, extremely secure, and offers many easy customization options, including extensibility via Genesis-only plugins.

For someone who wants to create just one site, what makes Genesis a good choice?

Genesis has been created and designed by master designers and programmers—WordPress luminaries with huge investments in the WordPress community. These are not shoestring developers or fly-by-night hipsters. They’re the real deal. They’ve created a framework that’s user-friendly, powerful, versatile, secure, solid, and long-lasting.

For a non-programmer, Genesis plus a specialized child (customized) theme (there are many available on the Genesis site) are an excellent choice. One caveat: some customizations, like color or typeface, are simple. Others can be much more complex. For the relative novice, a child theme that is very close to the final look desired can make development nearly pain-free.

What sets Genesis apart from other premium theme frameworks, like Thesis?

(1) Special-function designs. There are dozens of elegantly designed and well-conceived Genesis “child” themes which can be used straight out of the box for specialized kinds of sites: news and magazine sites, real estate listings, design and portfolio sites, craft sites, corporate showcases, etc.

(2) Custom plugins. Genesis offers custom plugins for social sharing, custom sidebars, image sliders, and many more. Not that you couldn’t find your own plugins at, but you can count on these being elegantly functional, regularly updated, and guaranteed to work well with Genesis.

(3) Security. Genesis has been vetted by WordPress developer and security expert Mark Jaquith. This doesn’t mean your site is invulnerable, but it means you’ve plugged all the easy holes, which is often all you need.

(4) Widgets. Between child themes and Genesis’ widget plugin, you can widgetize almost any area of your site, giving you a layer of design and functional flexibility that is very difficult to match.

(5) My favorite feature: different page styles with one mouseclick. With Genesis, you can choose an overall site style… and then create one, two, three, or no-column layouts for any individual page by simply clicking an option on a drop-down menu. This offers fantastic design versatility with absolutely zero coding required. If your design requires different page looks for different parts of your site, this alone is worth the price of admission.

Genesis plus a specialized child theme is a great tool for anyone planning to create a beautiful, dependable site that will take them and their business years into the future.

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