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Occupy WordPress!

WordPress logo

In 2003, I tried out a little blogging program called WordPress. It was free, and Open Source. The people who were already using it seemed wildly enthused. But to me, it just didn’t seem ready for web site prime time. By 2008, WordPress had arrived as a truly versatile, professional, and customizable system that made […]

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How to Choose WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

One of the most awe-inspiring features of the WordPress ecosystem is plugins. The WordPress Plugin Directory currently contains over 17,000 of them, designed for every conceivable purpose—adding contact forms, creating membership directories, speeding up your site loading, editing files and images, adding social media sharing—if you can think of it, there’s probably at least one […]

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How Are You Using Your Reality Distortion Field?

Reality Distortion Field

I’ve been reading a lot about Steve Jobs’ so-called “reality distortion field”—his ability to make people in his presence believe that the normally impossible was not only possible, but inevitable. The end result was that members of his teams achieved breakthroughs that few thought possible–or had even thought of at all. (The “reality distortion field” […]

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Is Your Business the Starship Enterprise, or the HMS Bounty?

reinventing business

Every day in business, most of us boldly go where we haven’t been before. These days, business is about reinvention, whether of our companies or ourselves. Reinvention compels us to learn new skills—marketing, sales, giving talks and presentations, writing articles, hiring, or managing a team. Some of these new skills feel natural and even fun. […]

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How Steve Jobs Changed My Life

Macintosh computer, stars screensaver

You should go into computers,” my father told me, time and again. “Computers are where the future is,” he’d insist. I’d roll my eyes. Computers were big clunky things that used mysterious, plodding languages with names like Fortran. They did mathematical computations, or created my college course list via punch-cards. They were run by nerds […]

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Is Your Website Redesign Missing this Crucial Piece?

website - the missing piece

Last post, I wrote about outsourcing website design to separate, independent contractors, versus hiring a one-stop shop to do design, implementation and SEO. My conclusion was that hiring separate contractors for each component of a website redesign leaves site 0wners vulnerable in three key ways. Cost, Time and Functionality First, cost. Building anything—a website, a […]

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How to Outsource Your Website Without Getting Screwed

How to Outsource Your Company's Website WIthout Getting Screwed

Just this morning a small retail company I’ve been consulting with asked me what I thought about outsourcing their web design project among several different professionals—a designer, a coder, and an SEO person. Their object was to save money. They’d received a bid from an all-in-one shop to do the design, implementation, and SEO for […]

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Can You Make Money on the Web? Six Web Revenue Models for Artists and Service Providers

Web Site Revenue Models for Artists and Service Providers

I wrote last time about a client, Andrea, who had been agonizing for a year over what kind of website to build. She’s an artist who has had her own site for 12 years… and never sold one piece of art directly from the site. She uses email and postcards to promote her shows, and […]

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Why Cookie-Cutter Websites Don’t Work

why cookie cutter web sites don't work

For years the web has been hyped as the best way to sell anything from old clothes to the very latest in digital tools. For us creative people and service providers trying to stay afloat in a tough economy, it can be tempting to grab hold of a website as if it were a life […]

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WordCamp SF 2011

Thumbnail image for WordCamp SF 2011

It’s Monday. WordCamp SF 2011, the annual WordPress conference, is over. Now it’s back to work. The weekend was so much fun, I’m feeling let down … even though I didn’t actually attend the event. Huh? Nope. Tickets were sold out. So instead, I got a “livestream” ticket (with t-shirt!)—three full days of live real-time […]

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19 Reasons Why Your Your New Business Needs a Web Site

why your business needs a website

There’s rumor floating around that your new business doesn’t really need a website. After all, Yelp, Google Places and a slew of other listings exist to point people to your business. There’s Facebook and Linked In, Tumblr and Blogger and Posterous. Isn’t a website just a needless expense, a 20th century relic? 

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