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Blogging and Social Media—Are You a Content Conduit, or an Originator?

by Susan Pomeroy

conduit or originator - what kind of blogger are you?

There are two primary styles of mainstream bloggers: conduits, and originators. Conduits help digest, funnel and channel helpful information. Originators come up with new thoughts, observations, perspectives and points of view. It’s far less risky to be a conduit. Sure, it takes work seeking out and filtering information. But sharing information that’s been created by others doesn’t require you to put your ego, your self, your opinions and thought processes on the line like being an originator does.

Conduits find interesting and relevant content and pass it along in the form of blog posts, how-tos, links, lists, reviews and tweets. Conduits can be incredibly helpful in helping us find and filter out important nuggets of information. Necessary even. There’s so much info out there in any given field, especially for those of us in the internet/social media business, that no one can possibly keep up with it all.

Conduits at their best create lively and important forums that may themselves become buzzwords for new trends--“meta-conduits,” we might say. in news and commentary, for web and social media info, for DIY tips—all of these lively and informative sources of information perform an enormous service. Many of us come to rely on them. And meta-conduit sites can create considerable wealth and attention for their owners.

Originators, on the other hand, help us think and see differently by sharing their experiences, thoughts, reflections and perspectives. Help clarify the blur of daily life.

At their best, originators can become not just trend-setters, but thought-shapers. People like Mark Silver at, Nancy Humphreys at or Steve Pavlina at are people who think and feel deeply about business development and spiritual growth, or what’s really happening in the global economy and why, or how to live a rewarding life. They may have huge personal followings and write on a regular basis for other blogs than their own. Or they may not (yet).

But they’re more than mere conduits. They see and digest the same information as the rest of us do. But before sending it back out, they think. Cogitate. Feel. Process. And when they write, they often share something of striking intelligence or wisdom. It might just change your thinking, or your life.

Are you a conduit or an originator?

Most of us are somewhere on a continuum. We’re a bit of both. On my “on” days, and when I have time, I try to share an original thought. On my “off” or super-busy days, it’s all I can do to find something interesting on the net and share a link. But I always think about it. Because for me, being a conduit is the easy way out. It’s second-best. It’s not challenging me to do my best work, or to be my best self, or to contribute all that I can.

But maybe I’m prejudiced. Making this all harder than it needs to be. What do you think? Which are you and which do you want to be? How do you want your blog to contribute to the world we all share?

 content conduit or originator

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