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99 Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media and the WebYou’ve got a web site. You participate sporadically in a social network or two. But these activities don’t always seem to have much impact on your bottom line. You’ve been thinking of blogging, maybe even started a blog—but there hasn’t been much of a change.

You keep trying, though, because you believe that there are tools out there that can help your business grow… if only you knew which ones to use, and how, and why.

When you know how to use the web proactively, your business can grow by leaps and bounds. Your business reaches more people, sells more products, creates more relationships with potential clients or customers, and you do it by working smarter, not harder. Once all the pieces are in sync and working together, they in turn enable you to sell still more products, services, and programs. Your business acquires its own momentum.

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