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The Secret to Getting Unstuck with Your Website

by Susan Pomeroy

have you hit the wall with your web site

It’s amazing how many self-employed people hit the wall with their web sites.

Procrastination, delay, and stall become words of the day. Or week, or month(s).

And guess what? It’s not usually the difficulty of setting up a shopping cart, or trouble deciding between two typefaces, or a hang-up with javascript  that’s putting the brakes on the site.

It really comes down to that deep inward cringe that so many of us who have a hard time with marketing and promotion feel, when we’re promoting ourselves.

If we’re artists, or in a service business, so often the thing we’re trying to sell to the world is the product of our own unique gifts, our innermost, most sacred self.

And often, although we may have studied and cultivated skills and techniques for years, that gift at its core is something that just “happens.” It’s our magic. Our own secret mojo, gifted at birth.

People in this situation, including myself, seem to get hung up on three things. One is, how to put our magic into words. Just saying “I’m a web designer” or “I’m a business coach” doesn’t nearly cover it. But how in the heck do you articulate your own gift, the thing that makes what you do special—something that you don’t quite understand to begin with?

The second is, how do you convey it in “buyer-centered” terms? Once you’ve figured out the “who,” “what” and “how” of what you do; once you list the problems you solve and the results you provide—you’ve got to write about it. With marketing syntax. Persuasively.

And then there’s packaging and pricing. Do you break your services out into packages? Charge by the hour? By the project? How do you price it?

All of this is not only incredibly difficult, particularly when doing it for yourself, but it can also feel very risky. You’re putting a very intimate and often vulnerable part of yourself out there, in public, for anyone with a web browser to see. And, you’re asking people to connect with you, to want what you have to offer, and to buy it.

What if they think you’re stupid? What if no one wants it? What if no one comes? What if your old college roomie, now CEO of Megabucks Corporation, reads your personal, sincere, non-business-speak little web site and thinks it’s the most ridiculous thing ever?

So many of my clients—and myself—get hung up somewhere along this path. “Oh, I don’t like writing,” so many clients have remarked. But it’s not really writing that they hate. It’s writing marketing copy about themselves that drives them half mad.

What can you do to get unstuck?

First, admit that it’s not the javascript, the font, or the shopping cart that’s hanging you up, but your own confusion and—yes—pain.

Then, ask for a little help.

Call a friend. Or two or three. As them to tell you what your magic is. Take notes.

Then, turn to a professional to help shape your notes into finished copy. Marketing guru Robert Middleton has an amazing array of marketing knowledge in his Marketing Club (first month free, with complete access to workbooks, articles, audio programs and coaching calls). If you need a detailed, step-by-step roadmap that covers everything from formulating what you do in buyer-centric terms to writing articles, promotional copy and emails, Robert is your man. I’ve been following and using his info for years.

Mark Silver is an amazing business coach with a spirit-centered practice. He offers freebies, workbooks and classes that can put you in touch with your own inner “big picture” and ease the pain of trying to communicate it.

Work with your designer. Many web designers and web coaches, whether they know it or not, have become experts at helping clients over this hurdle. Give yours a call. Or—shameless plug—give me a call.

And mainly, don’t get hung up on perfection. The web is a very fluid medium. What you write today, you can change tomorrow. So get something up now, even if it’s not perfect. Your clients will be glad you got unstuck. Really.

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