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Selected Case Studies

Daykeeper Journal

Issue: Daykeeper Journal, an online magazine, ran on an old html platform that made archiving difficult and looked terribly out of fashion.

Daykeeper Journal

Solution: The new WordPress site is easier to update, makes archiving foolproof, and helps build readership and community by (a) inviting reader comments (b) allowing instant social sharing by readers, and (c) automatically tweeting new posts.

STCerri International

Issue: STCI’s business outgrew its old site. The site still looked great… but it was on a cranky, complicated, platform which turned even a simple blog posting into time-wasting, hand-coding hell.

Engineer to Leader site by Susan Pomeroy, the Web Site Geographer

Solution: Create a new WordPress-based CMS (content mangement system) that can be updated easily with no hand coding at all. Upgrade and simplify the navigation. Import nearly five years of excellent blog posts, and use special redirects to the new URLs so that incoming link traffic is retained.

The Creativity and Madness Conferences

Question: how can the Creativity and Madness continuing education conferences—held several times a year in gorgeous cities all over the world—use their web site to attract more registrants?

Creativity and Madness site by Susan Pomeroy, the Web Site Geographer

Answer: by replacing their ancient hand-coded html site with a modern, custom, WordPress-based content management system. Then, integrate the web site with a Ning social network so conference attendees and participants can post conference photos and chat with each other, a Facebook Page and a Linked In account (for event announcements), and a Twitter account. SEO optimize. Offer automated online registration and payment for conferences. And watch interest grow.

Oxford Property Management

Question: How can a property manager advertise short-term rentals, easily schedule and book upcoming rentals among various properties, and bill renters… even when she herself is traveling?

Oxford Property Management, web site by Susan Pomeroy

Answer: an attractive, fully SEO-optimized traditional web site which contains an online booking calendar and an electronic invoicing system. Potential renters can see in advance whether a particular property is available on the dates they desire. And the owner can instantly email renters an invoice with an online payment link and collect deposits, even from overseas, streamlining her work and giving her great flexibility in terms of time and location.

Dr. Linda Mayo, DC

Question: how can an admittedly Luddite chiropractor bring herself into the Internet age without making a big deal out of it? website by Susan Pomeroy

Answer: with a very simple WordPress-based site, easily updatable by staff, featuring a rotating banner of the doctor’s own artwork and a faux blog disguised as a “News and Events” page.

Sujaro Direct Action Project

Question: How can a nonprofit create a feeling of buzz around its work, and excite donor interest?

Sujaro Direct Action Project

Answer: with a new magazine-style WordPress site. Add photo gallery, recent videos from the field, fascinating accounts of work in Africa, and voila.

Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists

Question: how can a professional organization update its site and its image to feel bold, fresh, and natural?

Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists

Answer: with a traditional site that incorporates rainforest imagery and scanned images of local plants.

Textiles of Africa

Question: how can an art importer inexpensively create a new site for a new branch of his business… that looks just like site I created for him way back in 2003, which works so well that he still loves it?

Textiles of Africa web site by Susan Pomeroy

Answer: duplicate the same 2003 interface for the new site, with a few modernizing enhancements. The new site has wider pages, a modular home page, enhanced SEO-friendly code. But it still shares the same coding, organization and file system as the old site, and an integrated shopping cart and email list manager, so his well-trained staff needs to spend minimal time on updating.

Body in Action

Question: how can a Pilates instructor/Feldenkrais practitioner swiftly post his own video demos, articles, and new class schedules on his own site?

Body in Action web site by Susan Pomeroy

Answer: a new WordPress site, custom-built over a premium theme, replaces his old, ragged html site. With the new interface, he can blog, post new class info, and embed his own Youtube videos without needing to know any code.

Peter Lacques

Question: how can a green candidate for a seat on a local water district board get an effective, professional-but-not-slick campaign site up quickly?

Peter Lacques 2010 web site by Susan Pomeroy

Answer: with a simple customization of a premium WordPress theme, a contact form for filtering volunteers and endorsements, and a Paypal donations button.

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