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Website Geographer at Your Service

Deluxe Custom Web Sites and Blogs

Website and blog design

The great Amundsen, having planted his flag, feels an un- bearable urge to launch a blog.

I work with you to create a site that is beautiful, expresses the essence and personality of your business, gets visitors, helps you manage and grow your business—and will take you into the next stage of growth. Learn more.

Custom Website Rental Plans

Web site rental - rental websites

You can rent a kayak, a bike, a car, a surfboard, a house… why not a website?

Do you need a new or revamped professional custom site, but don’t have extra cash? We can give you a completely custom WordPress web site and/or blog on a low monthly payment plan—including hosting, software upgrades, and full backup. Find out how.

WordPress Update & Restore

WordPress web site backup service

Free to enjoy the adventure, without carrying the load.

You love your WordPress site. But every time you log in, it’s telling you to click an update button. To click, or not to click? And those backups you’re supposed to make first…have you made them? If your site crashes or is hacked, can your business survive? Get total peace of mind with regular updates, full backups, and no-hassle restoration. Learn more.

Page One SEO—search engine optimization

SEO for websites

Your web site, mobbed like Lindberg’s plane in Paris.

Can potential clients find your site? Get the targeted traffic that makes the difference between surviving and thriving. Learn more.

Local SEO

40% of all online searches are for local services. With local optimization, not only will you get business from local search portals, but local placements can catapult your plain vanilla Google results to the top of the heap. Learn more.

The I-Hate-Social-Media Toolkit

social media small business toolkit

Off the beaten track? It’s still surprisingly easy to connect.

For the business owner who wants the benefits of social media without the hassle. Get the tools that enable 95% of your social media participation to be automatic.  Learn more.


Website Evaluations

web site assessment and evaluation

Keep the old site, or toss it? A thorough evaluation is most helpful.

What’s more cost-effective—keep your current site, update it, or throw in the towel and start anew? This detailed analysis will help you determine whether your site is optimized to meet your organization’s goals, and what changes would be required to bring it to fully in line with your needs. Learn more.

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(3) Jumpstart your website with this free guide, “99 Ways to Use Social Media and the Web to Grow Your Business.” You’ll get inspiration, motivation, and 99 concrete, practical tips to build your traffic and your bottom line.

Want to learn more about how to get the site you want and need?

Email me at or give me a call and we can talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. (510) 221-6779.