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The I-Hate-Social-Media Toolkit

“I’m sick of the Internet!” a client said to me the other day. “When my site takes off, I just want to hire a Virtual Assistant to do do all my Twitter and Facebook stuff. All I want to do is paint.”

Some people just love social media. And some of us are so busy doing our work, our art or craft, promoting our business, and living in the real world, that even if we wanted to, we don’t have time to figure out the whole social media thing.

The thing is, a site rarely takes off these days, without some social media engagement.

But… does a disinclination to dig into social media sentence your business to a perpetual twilight zone, relying on a dwindling, aging clientele, while the biggest market in the world—Facebook alone has over 500 million members—passes you by?

No! I will show you how to promote your business like a social media maven, while exerting absolutely minimal effort.

I’ll set your site up with the tools that will make it easy to automatically engage in social media… without spending hours a day or even per week.

You’ll get:

1. The simple “set it and forget it” social media marketing method.

2. Reap the benefits for your business of others’ participation in social media… without ever logging in (even once!) to Twitter, Facebook, et al.

2. The tools to get your feet wet in Facebook—if you want to—without drowning.

5. How to get maximum benefit for your business at the level of engagement you choose.

I have to admit, the I-Hate-Social-Media Toolkit will not magically make you an Internet millionaire. But it is an easy, intelligent way to keep you in the game… giving you maximum benefit for minimum effort.

Your business can use the vast social market to reach people who are interested in what you do, without turning you into an online zombie.

Allow visitors to help improve your search engine position by sharing your links with their networks.

As an added benefit, your participation—even automated participation!—in social media helps your search rankings. The more your links are shared, the higher your Google status. How can it make sense not to let automated social sharing boost your online status and reputation?

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