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Get Found, Get Business with Local SEO

Out of the ten billion online searches each month in the U.S., 40% use some kind of local identifier.

If you’re an artist or businessperson who depends upon local or regional buyers… a higher local profile can help you get and sustain a flow of clients. If you’re a consultant trying to attract local business, managing your local search profile can be one of the most effective forms of advertising ever. And if you’re a restaurant, therapist, healer… local search can play a huge part in your success.

Local listings not only funnel interested buyers to your business. They also create instant credibility.

Local listings come up at the very top when someone enters a search with a city or locality identifier. They’re also pinpointed on a map.

When you click on the local link, you don’t just get a simple listing. Instead, an entire web page comes up, describing the business, offering video, photos, hours of operation, reviews by satisfied customers, and even links other local search pages, as well as to the business website.

The more information about your business you put here, the more satisfied clients have reviewed your business, the more instant credibility you have, just from a simple search.

Multiply this “credibility effect” by a factor of four, five, six or more.

Imagine someone is searching for your service… and they find your business on several different local sites. Not just Google or Bing, but maybe also Yelp, or Insider Pages, or City Search.

Seeing your business listed in more than one place, with favorable reviews at each one, is golden.

Best of all, local search placement improves your regular search engine rankings.

Having a network of well-known local sites linking to your business site doesn’t just increase your visibility and credibility among local buyers. It also improves your “plain vanilla” search rankings. This alone can make a significant difference to your business. In fact it’s one of the big reasons why plain old SEO, important as it is, just isn’t enough any more.

So many clients have asked me to help them get placed in local listings that I’ve begun offering this Local Search placement package.

After all, what’s the use of sailing the oceans and seas of the larger Internet… if folks can’t even find you in the overgrown shrubbery of your own front yard?

Get found, get business—get the Local Search Engine Optimization marketing package.

We set you up with the Big Four listing services, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp, and upload all your business info, photos, videos, etc. to each service. Then we send you all of your access information. Now, ask your clients to review your services! (Ongoing monitoring available at additional fee.) We can also place your ads on paid services; talk to us if you’d like additional listings.

Start your local search optimization

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