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Page One Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Web Sites

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Being on page one of Google (as well as other top search engines like Bing and Yahoo) can make a minimum 30% difference in your business. Not doing search engine optimization (SEO) is like opening your brick-and-mortar store with no signage outside, and expecting walk-in traffic. It doesn’t work!

It upsets me to see people spend a ton of time and money developing a web site that doesn’t do anything to help their business. That’s why I put together this Page One SEO package, designed to give your site the best possible shot at attracting the customers and clients you need.

For example, this client couldn’t even find her company’s name on Google. Now she’s on page 1.


This client’s short-term home rentals are booked months in advance.


This client was able to close his brick-and-mortar store to focus on his online business.

Your site can achieve results like these, easily.

“I was stunned (and impressed) to see my web site at the top of a search for ‘bronze portraits.’ Thanks to the genius of Creating Web Success’ services.”
Laura Lengyel, artist and sculptor,

When you order my Page One SEO package, I will:

  • Review your entire site for SEO effectiveness
  • Generate a list of key phrases to bring you targeted business
  • Examine your pages’ coding the same way search bots see it, and correct any ‘missed opportunities’ to get your site noticed
  • Analyze your copy, and suggest tiny tweaks that will have a huge impact in making it more attractive to the search engine bots
  • Discover your top competitors’ results, keywords and strategies, and position you to beat them
  • Select individual pages on your site that can most effectively be fine-tuned for optimum search placement
  • Submit your site to the top free search engines to bring you natural (unpaid, “organic”) search results
  • Get your business listed in one or more local indexes
  • Install free analytics software that will give you the most detailed and specific statistics available
  • Create an action plan for your business with concrete steps that you can do regularly to continue to increase your site’s rankings and traffic

When we’re done, your site will be fine-tuned inside and out. It’ll be getting crawled by the search engine bots. People who are interested in exactly what your business has to offer will be able to find you easily, and your bottom line will show the difference.

Details, please!

Can you guarantee that I’ll be on the first page of Google?

No, no one can. But I call the this SEO service the “Page One SEO Package” because every client so far has achieved page 1 rank for one or more of their key phrases. I believe you can too.

Will I get millions of visitors?

Most of our small business clients achieve tallies in the thousands or even hundreds… and this is tends to be enough to make a major difference in their profitability. Several hundred targeted visitors each month who are looking for exactly what you have to offer can bump you up from mere survival to success.

Do you ever do anything spammy, illegal, or “black hat,” that could get me banned from Google or any other major search engine?


Does optimizing my site mean it will be on page 1 forever?

There were  over 21 million sites added to the web in 2009 alone. Every one of them wants to be tops in their niche. You can stay on page one… if you keep at it. That’s why we give you an action plan that you can implement yourself, without any web or coding expertise.

Do you optimize every page on my site?

We review every page, and make site-wide corrections of coding issues that can prevent your site from getting listed. We then select a minimum of ten separate pages, including your home page, to optimize for specific words and phrases that will bring targeted traffic to your business. We can target specific pages that you want to rank highly. More often, we select the pages on your site that we think will be most effective at bringing you targeted traffic. We can optimize additional pages, or every page, if you wish.

What does it cost?

Every site is different. We’ll provide you with recommendations and an estimate before beginning work.

How long before I see a difference?

We’ll complete the major work on your site within 2 weeks. Sometimes, you’ll notice an immediate difference (one article I posted achieved position #2 on Google in less than ten minutes). Usually it takes anywhere from two to 12 weeks to register a significant gain.

How do you work?

We start with a conversation to find out your goals. Then we review and analyze your site. Once we’ve checked and corrected your site’s coding, our next step is to research competitors’ sites, generate keywords, and tweak your site to include them. Along the way, we may suggest small, specific edits to the copy on certain pages (no change is ever made to copy or content without your okay). At the final stage, we’ll install analytics software, and submit your site to the major free and local search engines. We’ll finish this optimization tune-up within two weeks. Within 2 to 12 weeks, you’ll be seeing significant search results. You’ll also have a specific action plan to keep growing your site’s traffic well into the future.

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