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You can have a web site that is gorgeous, true to who you are, and helps you make a profit.

Self-employed professionals, small businesses, creative artists

Do you have a site that you’re just plain embarrassed to tell people about because it hasn’t been updated in umpteen years? Are you actually happy no one can find it… because it longer remotely expresses who you are and what  you’re trying to do?

Are you procrastinating on starting a new site or blog?

An intelligent and well designed site can be the centerpiece of your business strategy. But without it, you can feel as though you’re bumbling around in the dark.

How to get past the roadblocks

A site owner needs four ingredients to create a successful site:

  1. Great design that captures and conveys to others, before a word is read, something important about your business or project.
  2. Rich content that brings people back—whether it’s your products, your art, your blog, your audio, video, insights or wit.
  3. Tools that automate tedious tasks and make it possible for your to accomplish more—with enough flexibility to adapt as the web changes.
  4. Internet business strategy—the ability to understand how your site fits into your business model and exactly how it can enable, and enhance, your enterprise.

Pull all of these together and you have a blog or web site that conveys your style and carries you towards your business goals. Maybe even drives your business.

Hi, I’m Susan Pomeroy. I’ve worked with dozens of small business owners, artists, writers, and self-employed professionals to create sites that delight them and their visitors, and help them grow more successful in their own unique pursuits.

I love being a member of my clients’ team. If I have an idea about how to improve something, I’ll let you know. If you want a collaborator to think plans through, or strategize how your site can support your next business step, that’s part of what I’m here for.

How do you get started?

Call me. We’ll talk about your site, where you want it to go, and what’s holding you back. I’ll share some ideas, suggestions and solutions. This is a no-pressure conversation that usually lasts about 30 minutes, an opportunity for you to get some information and see whether I can help you. If at any point we decide to work together, we’ll agree on a price, timeline, and plan for going forward.

I’ve created custom sites and blogs for retail stores, art galleries, nonprofits, physicians, shamans, yoga teachers, tour guides, authors, educators, engineers, portfolio managers, painters and more. Most custom sites cost between $3,000 and $25,000, depending upon the size of the site, complexity of the design, and the kinds of technologies needed (although it also must be said that every site is unique, and I’ve done sites that were outside this range on either side).

I work with you to create a site that is beautiful, expresses the essence and personality of your business, gets visitors, helps you manage and grow your business—and will take you into the next stage of growth.

First steps

Check out some examples here, read the testimonials here, and give me a call, (510) 221-6779, or email me, , to talk about your site or blog and see if I can help you create a site that exceeds your goals.