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CompleteWP Update and Restore

Free to enjoy the adventure, without carrying the load.

Wouldn’t you love your WordPress installation and plugins to always be up to date?

If you’ve had your WordPress site for longer than few weeks, you’ve experienced those niggling, nagging update reminders that tell us we have two, or seven, or 18 updates available.

Like I did, you probably wonder… if I click OK to update, will I break the site? If I don’t say OK, am leaving myself vulnerable to hackers? And what about backing up… it says to back up before clicking “OK,” but how, and what? Just the database? All the files? Images?

Your WordPress installation is part of a large, continuously evolving ecosystem. The developers are furiously updating WordPress every day to improve its efficiency, functionality and usability. Theme and plugin developers continuously do the same thing (at least the good ones do!).

This means that we need to keep updating our own installations to  keep every individual component—which vary from site to site—current and in sync, because they’re all continuously evolving and they all work hand in hand.

You don’t have to take chances with your website.

There’s also an unfortunate fact: a few not-so-wonderful people continuously seek and find vulnerabilities, particularly in older versions of WordPress.

I confess that I, an experienced web designer, used to think that as long as my WordPress site worked, keeping up with every update and safety measure was overkill. Until half a dozen of my own sites were hacked. Then I discovered that the backups I thought my host was keeping didn’t exist. I learned first-hand what it takes to bring a site back from the dead: days of nerve-wracking work, lost time, and lost business, because the sites were inoperable. I really got just how important it is to keep a site updated and backed up.

We handle everything.

CompleteWP Update and Restore is kind of like a pack mule for your WordPress site. We’ll carry the entire load of keeping all your plugins up to date and your WordPress installation current. Once a month, we log into your Admin panel and update your WordPress installation and your plugins. No more cute little reminders. If something’s ever so seriously out of sync that merely updating it will break your site, we’ll leave the site intact and let you know immediately what the issue is.

And once every week, including immediately prior to updating, we’ll back up your entire site—pages, posts, images, plugins, custom scripts, settings—and store your backups locally and on Amazon’s secure S3 cloud for six months.

If disaster strikes we, personally, completely restore your site from the last available clean backup, at no additional charge. All you need to do is phone us. Your site will be back up and running in a matter of hours.

And a new feature: we continuously monitor and scan your site for unwanted intrusions or alterations in the site code. We’ll know within 24 hours if there’s any issue, intrusion, or alteration.

And you can install new plugins without a second thought about those “update now” buttons, because we have your back.

Best of all, your WordPress site will always be functioning superbly, with the latest, smoothest-working, most updated software available.

You don’t ever even have to think about it again.

No more heavy pack for you… just stride along the trail, swinging your arms freely, and enjoy the view, knowing your WordPress site is safely working at peak efficiency.

  • We back up your site
  • We continuously monitor your site for break-in attempts or intrusion
  • We regularly update your WordPress installation and plugins
  • We restore your site if it’s hacked or damaged
  • And, if any “above-and-beyond” work is ever needed to update your software or restore functionality, you’ll  receive a 20% discount on our labor. This doesn’t happen often. But every installation is different, and if your site ever needs special diagnostics, or extra, custom, non-routine work to bring it back up to full function, you get a 20% discount on our hourly rate (functionality only; design changes excluded).

CompleteWP Update and Restore Package, $44.95 per month per site. WordPress sites only. What could be better than that?

The process: after payment, you’ll be taken to a secure form to send us your URL and login, which we need to get started. We will install from one to three special plugins, depending upon your particular configuration, that will allow us to backup and update your site. We’ll email you as soon as we’ve got your site updated and backed up for the first time—you’ll hear from us within 2 business days.

Our intention is to give you stress-free site maintenance. We’ll always back up before updating, so that we can restore your site in the rare instances that you subsequently notice conflicts among updated components. (We do not assume liability for any malfunction or lack of functioning of your website. If your site develops problems which can’t be corrected with simple updates, we’ll gladly restore a previous version from backup at no charge, or trouble-shoot your installation on a fee-for-service basis.)

Receipts will arrive via email, from Paypal. Monthly payments of $44.95 will be deducted from your Paypal, credit card or bank account until you cancel this service. (You must have a Paypal account to activate this service.)

ps. If your site was last updated in 2012 or before, please give us a call or an email before purchasing ( – (510) 221-6779).