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Grandstand! I’m so happy with it … it is an absolute champion! Thank you. 

Geoffrey MacMillan,

Amazing!  You brought to life the feeling, the texture and the elegance, yes especially the elegance I was looking for…sheer genius…. You have truly knocked my socks off.

David King

FANTASTIC… I think you hit it out of the park!!!!!!!

Steven Cerri, STCerri international,

Susan, you are a jewel. My book sales have doubled in the couple of weeks since we made the changes. I am very excited about our work together. You keep me focused and succinct—where I need the most help. Thank you.

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach,

I would like to thank you for the great job you did, I am sooo sooooo happy with the website and the calendars, it looks great, I really like how you solved the problem we had, very good thinking.

Ada Ormsby,

Susan, thanks for being so much fun to work with!

Aya Tarlow

Just wanted to say what a visual pleasure it is to read and see Maya’s web site. It is clear, simple and graphically quite elegant (that coming from a non-graphic designer!). Printing out the articles is a breeze and they really look beautiful.

Barbara Hamaker

Wow, thanks for such a prompt summation of our discussion. Also, thanks for such an astute formulation of a “game plan.”

Joyce Lynn,

I … referred [a prospective client] to my website, and he called back expressing that he was very impressed with the site and wanted to work with me. When we did … connect voice to voice, he could hardly say enough about how beautiful and professional the website is. Thanks again for your help.

Marc Polonsky,

I was stunned (and impressed) to see my web site at the top of a search for ‘bronze portraits.’ Thanks to the genius of [your] services.

Laura Lengyel, artist and sculptor,

You have done an absolutely beautiful job. Thanks again for the exceptional work.

Rick Rodgers, (working prototype)

Website looks fabulous!…so colorful and clear…very healing…you did a great job.

Constance Grauds, The Center for Spirited Medicine,

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