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Web Tools

People often ask me what Internet business tools I recommend. Shopping carts, email list managers, payment gateways—choosing a good one can feel overwhelming. Here’s a list of products that I use, trust and rely upon. (I’m also an affiliate of most.) My criteria for adding a service or tool on this list?

  • I’ve researched and tested it thoroughly,
  • It’s “best in class,”
  • I confidently recommend it to clients, and
  • I use it myself.

Essential Online Business Tools

1shoppingcart. The cadillac of shopping carts, a must-have if you’re running more than one site, or offer a lot of products. Lets you do more things, more easily, than any other cart out there. Not template-based; can be adapted to any kind of site.

e-junkie shopping cart. Terrible name… but the perfect starter cart for selling information products. For an astonishingly low monthly fee you get secure download links for pdfs and other digital goods.

Paypal. An inexpensive and reliable internet payment gateway with shopping cart. Also higher-end options, up to full merchant account with payment gateway. Very easy to manage.

MailChimp. As powerful as any email list manager out there, but easier to use, with more attractive template designs and excellent stats. Even better: offers a free account for lists of up to 2000 members.

Freshbooks invoicing. Every other product on this list, I use and rely upon. Freshbooks, I love. The ease of time-keeping, estimating, and invoicing has revolutionized my business. I adore Freshbooks!

Godaddy domain name registrar and web host. I don’t bother with any other registrar these days—Godaddy offers the best combination of price, search, and domain name management features. Also, decent and super-cheap site hosting.

Robert Middleton, marketing genius. Author of several excellent products in addition to the original Infoguru Marketing manual, which IMHO is the single most useful marketing guide for independent professionals ever written.

Need help setting up or using any of these tools? Call on an expert.