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Web Site Evaluation

Is your older site no longer performing?

When a site doesn’t feel like an asset, it can be tempting to assume that a complete redesign is imperative. But new sites can be expensive, and it’s often possible to identify usability, functionality, or esthetic issues that can be changed at relatively low cost to give you new-site performance at a far more modest price.

Is your pre-launch site ready for prime time?

What does your pre-launch site need in order to achieve your goals? Confusing sites produce confusing feedback. But when your prelaunch site is well designed, clearly organized, and user-optimized, your beta test brings you helpful, useful feedback that enables your team to quickly and effectively fine-tune the launch version.

Get a complete evaluation with detailed recommendations to effectively optimize layout, navigation and functionality

We don’t just tell you what’s “wrong” with your site—that can be enlightening, but not really helpful.

More importantly, we give you detailed, specific recommendations so that you and your team know exactly what to change, and what each change means in the bigger picture.

How it works

When you contact us, we’ll talk with you to determine your goals for the site. We’ll then do a quick review of your site to determine whether we can be of help. If so, we get back to you within a day or two with an estimate and a timeline. Detailed evaluations start at $550; charges are determined based upon the size and complexity of the site. We’re also available for post-evaluation teleconference with your design firm or team.

Call (510) 221-6779 or email to get started.